Just One Drop
By Pastor Roger Gardner


A chronological study of the blood covenant from Genesis to the Church Age explaining the power of Christ's blood to redeem, cleanse and empower us to live holy lives.

You Have Not Many Fathers

By Dr. Mark Hanby


This book discusses the importance of God's order of Father and Sons.  It emphasizes the elements involved in creating and maintaining a Father and Son relationship so that we are better able to disciple others and have a more intimate relationship with our heavenly Father.  In this day, it is so critical that we embrace this order so that God's Kingdom can be established, captives can be set free and the Church can go on to maturity. 

This book is mandatory for our summer leadership class.

Relationships God's Way

By Pastor Roger Gardner


This study takes a look at God's way to having blessed and lasting relationships.  It is a practical guide to anyone interested in developing, maintaining and healing relationships; learning how to excel and be wise during every stage from friendship to marriage.  The truths taught in this study not only apply to intimate relationships, but also address topics that relate to interactions with family and friends.  

Connecting the Dots of Biblical Truth
By Pastor Roger Gardner


A theological manual that explains the basics of Christianity. It connects Biblical truths together to create a more complete understanding of what the Bible is, who Jesus is, and how it all applies to your life.


Passing the Baton: Times of Restoration by Pastor Phil Cappuccio


"This is a study in church history meant to provide us with a 'panoramic' view of the Church throughout the past 2000 years of her history.  As we consider this incredible journey of God's church, we hope to discover what were some of those timeless principles and key spiritual movements which have led the church into necessary and powerful seasons of revival and restoration." 


Putting it All Together

By Pastor Roger Gardner


Our starting point Bible study that walks anyone through man, sin, salvation, and the Holy Spirit.

Abiding in the Vine

By Pastor Roger Gardner


A discipleship manuel that goes exstensively through the "elementary principles of God" -Hebrews 6


Prerequisite: Putting it All Together

Body Life: Principles for Living

in Kingdom Community

By Pastor Roger Gardner


These series of teachings focus entirely on the topic of "vision" and more specifically the vision we believe the Lord has for Lighthouse Christian Fellowship.  These lessons are intended to establish the foundational "pillars" that LCF is being built upon so that you may understand the "whys" and "hows" of being an active part of this local Church.  We pray that God will use these lessons to equip you to establish a clear vision for your life and to find fulfillment in the growth of His Church.


Children of the Resurrection:

The Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Dead

By Pastor Roger Gardner


This course will take an in depth look at Scripture from Genesis to Revelation to answer questions such as: What happens to us when we die? Does our body go to the grave and our soul, where does that go?  What about our spirit? Is there a spirit? What is the difference between soul and spirit?

The goal of this study is to bypass the common "Religious" approach and expose false concepts by soley looking to Scripture to build our understanding of this doctrine.     

The Doctrine of Eternal Judgment

By Pastor Roger Gardner


This is an indepth study of what Scripture says concerning the final judgment of Christ.  Questions such as: What is the 'Eternal Judgment,' When will the judgment occur?, What is hell? are answered based on the truth of God's Word through a Kingdom perspective.


Understandings of Prophetic Presbytery

by Pastor Phil Cappuccio


An excellent study revealing what the Bible has to say concerning prophetic minstry.  It takes a deep look at the different portions of the Holy Spirit pertaining to the spirit, the gifting, and the office of prophecy. 


Required reading for all presbytery candidates.